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Advanced security screening


Advanced Security Screening


The LXS Scanning AXD System offers high-quality, enhanced multi-energy x-ray material discrimination.


This hardware offers multi-energy x-ray detection (keV to MeV x-rays) and is easily retrofitted to existing systems. Other detection features include low-noise electronics and non-hygroscopic materials.

AXD System is independently powered and receives power and data over ethernet.

Passive cooling and robust CT option are also high-quality features of the AXD System.


The AXD System offers real-time, on-card processing via an independent small form-factor processor while using a patented and unique, high-precision, multi-energy material discrimination algorithm.

Autodetection by the AXD System due to the user-defined target library is of high precision. Therefore, lowering false alarm rates.


This system offers independent or screening-integrated operation as well as remote access or control. It is DICOS compliant and all completely internal and integratable to current scanners.




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Operational benefits


The AXD System offers flexible deployment with the scanner footprint remaining unchanged. Checkpoint design and flow also remains unchanged.

Installation is simple and fast with benefits like lowered scanner downtime. Capital expenditure is delayed by means of a reuse, refit and recycle.


Using the AXD System, operations are centralised and coordinated. With fewer operators required, there are fewer opportunities for subversion.


With greater auto detection accuracy, false alarm rates are lowered through targeted threat detection and inspection.

Through the lessening of operator dependence, efficiency is increased due to the need for fewer manual inspections with a resulting decrease in checkpoint throughput time. When combined overall operating costs are lowered.


Technical Specifications

Installation kit available for Rapiscan 620DV, 160keV

• 1.6mm pixel pitch

• 64 pixels per detector card

• Standard configuration - shielding, x-ray generator and conveyor (0.2m/s)

• Bespoke design available

• Material discrimination to +/- 0.1 Zeff

• X-ray penetration - 34mm Steel

• AWG resolution - 40+

• Exceeds conventional dual view and dual energy regulatory standards

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LXS will work with you

Whether it’s for an aviation checkpoint, scanning air cargo or critical infrastructure, a new or installed system from LXS will come with installation kit design and build control and display integration.

We will work with you on your own site installation and operation support, offering contract/product specific outcomes. LXS offers a rapid design and build cycle, guaranteed.

A working display suite is also available at Melbourne Airport for demonstration needs. And we will work with you to meet regulatory compliance through documentation and supporting material while maintaining the standards of ISO-9000.

Liquid autodection

Liquid autodection


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